Oct 282011

David Atherton – super business angel with a £20m fund – is joining the Innospace Accelerator Weekend on Friday 11th and Saturday 12th of November and Tuesday evening 15th.

Speaking recently to Greater Manchester Business Week David said “… it is not the idea you back, it’s the guy. If the guy has a decent head on his shoulders, then he’s alright”

We couldn’t agree more!

David Atherton was the founder of dabs.com, an electronics mail order company that converted very successfully to the online model.

Taking the business online meant sales rocketed, as online replaced telephone buying, and costs fell, as staff call centres, freephone numbers, and large monthly printed catalogues were removed from the operating expenditure base. In 2006, profits were £5.2M, and Atherton sold the company to British Telecom for a figure in excess of £30M.

David is now running his own investment fund and making a series of business angel investments as well as providing mentoring to the companies he invests in.

Apply for the Innospace Accelerator Weekend here – applications close 4th November…

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